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Capital Raise and Structuring

We have a strong track record of securing investment for agriculture project utilising its large global investor network and intimate understanding of the process required to secure investments.

Capital Raising

We are able to understand the needs of both the company and institutional investors. This arises from our unique ability to understand the sector from the bottom up combined with knowledge of investor requirements.

Capital Structuring

The JBI team has a deep understanding of how best to structure the capital coming into a business in order for it to succeed.

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Our capital raising process

Situational analysis

Understanding of your needs and giving a tailored strategy recommendation

Investor targeting analysis

Applying a rigorous selection process utilizing the categories and classifications within our 6000+ investor database to identify investors who are ideally suited to your requirements

Pitch Deck Support

JBI can give experienced review and refinement of a pitch deck to best target the identified investors

Close Investor Feedback

Key knowledge and understanding from close group of trusted investors which can feed into the continued fundraising efforts

Qualified Investor Introduction

A JBI Partner will give a briefing to you on the investor giving key understanding and knowledge on how to best target a pitch to address the interests of the investor

Mediating Investor Calls

Partners will mediate calls with investors and aid in your introduction to the investor and, if necessary, aid in the pitch. With the aim of giving you the best possible chance for investment

Investor Feedback report

We will formulate feedback from investors and pass this advice onto you for continuous improvement and refinement

Syndicate Structuring

We have a wealth of experience in structuring successful Investor syndicates. Overcoming capital constraints, increase the shared expertise and reduce risk