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JBI Equity focus on sustainable Agriculture, Aquaculture, AgTech and the Bio-economy for tomorrows Global Food Production.

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JBI Equity are Private Equity advisors in the AgTech sector advising growth companies seeking to raise capital to achieve their growth aims.

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JBI Innovations work with Academics Institutions and their Researchers and Inventors to develop specialist commercialisation innovation models.
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Explore ways we can work and partner with the University to create routes to market for inventions and intellectual property and have a real impact on industry.
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Learn from our experience and advice to grow your business and arrange the resources and funding you need.


We have a continual pipeline of investment opportunities into a range of exciting, dynamic and impactful projects.


Discover how JBI can support you on your journey to commercialize your research and innovative ideas creating business opportunities.
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Our investment philosophy is based on creating shareholder value while safeguarding the invested capital of our investors, via a solid and rigorous investment methodology. We seek to invest in well-managed agribusiness companies (and/or their foreign subsidiaries) capable of expansion into emerging markets via technology, know-how and/or branded food products. Early and expansion stage Agritech companies with compelling intellectual property (IP) and viable business models, especially within Animal Biosciences and related areas.