JBI Equity is a private equity and advisory company working with Universities, Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Growth Companies to help build businesses, facilitate routes to market, sharing experience, expertise and arranging funding helping create forward looking businesses that have a real impact on our food supply and planet.

Our Approach

JBI Equity supports companies on the growth journeys by providing expertise in scaling, growth, funding, and execution to release untapped global market potential. We work closely with companies and their management teams to build growth and capital raise plans, making them investor ready and able to build an exciting future.

Our subsidiary, JBI Innovations, specialises in creating commercialisation vehicles for the world’s leading academic institutions in the life science technology sectors. We work with academics, utilising JBI Equity’s Partners understanding of agribusiness management, investment analysis and asset management to assess and validate the commercially viable technologies. These cornerstone technologies are then utilised as a foundation for a commercial co-owned Agri-Tech investment vehicle which can continue to invest into technologies emerging form academia into the future.

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investment philosophy

JBI Equity’s investment philosophy is to create shareholder value in the most compelling Agri-Tech projects while safeguarding investor capital.

Our investment philosophy:

  • Source investment for agribusiness companies capable of expansion into global markets via technology and know-how.
  • Develop early and expansion stage Agri-tech companies with exciting IP and viable business models.
  • We focus on chosen sectors and geographical regions that we know best.
  • We seek companies that are of small to medium sized enterprises, and aim to realize value between five and eight years.
  • We emphasize and help with the establishment of strong and properly-incentivized local management teams.
  • Target companies must have a sustainable element to their business model and be able to demonstrate how they are contributing to the global economy through their ESG practices.
  • We believe in optimizing and extending the value chains of our businesses and will leverage the global reach of JBI Equity’s partners and associates.
  • We have the ability to take an active role in corporate management to strategically position a company for maximizing revenue growth and preparing for raising capital.

Experience and Expertise

  • Partners with combined 75+ Years Hands-on experience growing and running sustainable Agriculture, Agri-Tech and new IP businesses.
  • Strong Investor and business network of 6000+ individuals reaching globally in the agriculture and investment industries.
  • Robust capital raising history for start-ups and growth phase businesses.
  • Track record of effectively working with leading universities to enable the highest commercial impact from research emerging from academia.
JBI Equity Team