Commercialising Research with Leading Universities

JBI Innovations

JBI Innovations is a subsidiary of JBI Equity, focused on the area of commercialising leading University research and know-how into Agriculture, Biotechnology and Bio-economy. This often takes the form of developing Special purpose vehicles (SPVs) alongside universities with the aim of releasing the full potential of research, inventions, know-how and core-capabilities of world class universities into global industry.

We have found that many research projects and inventions will struggle as stand-alone entities in a commercial environment but will become very attractive to investors if bundled together in a coherent group of activities under one business structure. By identifying possible groupings that can become cohesive business units or companies we identify sweet-spots for potential investors. This is then combined with the right funding and management for these businesses to flourish, create value and have very desirable impact on industry.

Amazing research and discoveries are constantly happening throughout the world and so far we have only had the opportunity to scratch the surface of what is possible. JBI Innovations is continuously looking for new university partners to collaborate with and make a meaningful impact on global industry.

JBI Innovations

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