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Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies envision a world where everyone has access to affordable, nutritious, responsibly-produced protein. Their mission is to advance disruptive biotechnologies to improve how we produce proteins. With their unique cells, we aim to create and lead the market for cell lines that enable cultivated meat to reach consumers faster.

Roslin Technologies has unique rolling 15-year rights to unencumbered IP derived from the Roslin Institute. A Series B fund raise of $25 million in equity is about to begin.

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Roslin Technologies

Disease Free Egg Technology for Vaccines

A fast-growing Bio-Tech company committed to substantially improving the global production of vaccines by increasing volume and reducing costs. This is essential in the fight against disease and pandemics such as COVID 19. Today 82% of world’s vaccines are produced in chicken eggs requiring more than 1bn eggs annually. Their product eliminates bacterial contamination, increases in vaccine quality and yield, reduces production failure & high related costs, and will reduce egg requirement by 20%. Currently raising €15 million Series A too expand project focus, accelerate scale up & commercialisation of product.

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Egg production

Single Sex Breeding

A cutting-edge biotech company aiming to reduce animal breeding costs and improve animal welfare. Sexual reproduction results in a 1:1 ratio of females to males. For several sectors of agriculture, for example, milk or egg production, only single-sex offspring are needed this can be achieved by using modern genome engineering approaches, we create breeders in which the offspring is sex-biased non-GMO animals. Their technology increases dramatically the economic efficacy of livestock breeding and will avoid the ethical impact of the current culling and castration methods. They are currently raising $7 million seed funding.

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Shrimp Biotechnology Company

A pioneering innovative Biotech company on a mission to transform the global production and supply of freshwater shrimp, from a locally desired delicacy in Asia to a sustainably farmed global seafood-of-choice. To achieve this ambitious goal, they are constructing a fully integrated business model that stretches across the entire production and marketing supply chain to offer freshwater shrimp to global seafood markets. Using proprietary disruptive patented technologies and unique market positioning, the company aspires to produce and sell 100K metric tonnes within a decade, potentially creating accumulative revenues of over one billion USD. The company is currently seeking an investment of US$11M.

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Prawn seafood